A Diabetic Alert Dog For Kayla

Kayla is fundraising to get her diabetic alert dog, this is her story.

My first Thanksgiving as a T1D

on November 29, 2013


Yesterday was my first Thanksgiving as a type 1 diabetic. The day started out good but that did not last. My boyfriend and I went to our second job to get our checks then headed to McDonald’s drive through. I ordered a McMuffin sandwich and a large Diet Dr. Pepper; my boyfriend ordered the rest of the menu! Lol, jk. I thought the drink tasted funny, maybe too much carbonation….idk. Shortly after our running I had to go to work. Because of my gastric bypass surgery I cannot drink very much so a large drink will last me all day. Off to work I went with my drink in hand. Many times I do not eat lunch because I am not hungry, this was one of those times. Around 2:45 I started to feel really sick so I went to the bathroom to check my sugar….375!! Not good, I called my mom and she came to pick me up. She quickly discovered that my diet drink was not diet! Simple mistake because Dr. Pepper is so sweet, it is hard to tell the difference. I corrected my sugar and slowly started feeling better. The evening turned out good, I love spending time with the whole family 🙂
I was so scarred yesterday, I have never been that high and not been in the hospital. I thank God for my blessings and pray he allows me to have a diabetic alert dog to catch these mistakes in the future. Being diabetic takes a lot of a person, epecially someone as young and scared as me……


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