A Diabetic Alert Dog For Kayla

Kayla is fundraising to get her diabetic alert dog, this is her story.

My Journey in choosing a Diabetic Alert Dog company

on December 13, 2013

My Journey in choosing a Diabetic Alert Dog company

It all started one night when I was looking on craigslist’s. Not for any reason, I just like to look at all the cute puppies people are trying to get rid of for stupid reasons. As I was looking I found this aid, this teenage girl was looking for a dog for her mother. She knew someone that was going to train this dog for emotional support. She had pictures of her dogs to show what the dog would be living with. I decided to take a look at them and I noticed that she had a diabetic alert dog. That really caught my eye! I had said once before that I wanted one, but only in a joking manner. I didn’t think they even trained dogs for diabetics at the time. So I decided to take her number down and ask her a few questions. She responded the next day with the number to the guy that trained her dog. I was quiet excited. The guy told me he had some dogs available or that they could train my dog Daisy. After talking things over with him, I decided I wanted a dog that was already trained or in the process of being trained. I asked him what type of dogs he had, he told me he had a labordoodle and I stopped him right then and there and asked for pictures! He sent me a few and I fell in love instantly! Once I got all the information I needed I texted my mom and told her everything! I was so pumped! He said the dog would be ready that weekend! I thought my heart was going to explode! I kept in touch with him for the next few days. But the text slowly stopped between us the closer the weekend got. Of course being a teenager, I didn’t think anything of it. So later that week I went out and bought the dog all kinds of stuff for when we brought him home. New feeding bowls, toys, a nice bed, and collar and leash and some treats. I was pretty excited. It was Thursday night and I was at work and confused why I hadn’t heard from the guy since Wednesday evening so I sent another text. After work I headed to my mom’s to stay the night because we had an early morning ahead of us! We were leaving Friday morning at 9 to go get Hero! I could hardly sleep that night. Once it was time to wake up, we left early to go get breakfast. The guy told me to call him at 9 am before we left. Once 9 came around I gave him a call. No one answered. So we finished breakfast and went ahead and headed out to Cincinnati since we had a two hour drive. We figured he would call back way before we got there. Well as minutes turned into 30, I gave him another call…. No answer. So I sent him a text letting him know we were on our way and needed the address before we got to Cincinnati. After an hour and no response my mom started getting worried. So she sent him a few messages and called a few times. Still…. No one picked up. By this time we were sitting down town Cincinnati with nowhere to go. We sat in my car for over an hour trying to get ahold of him. Finally his wife answered, not knowing who I was or what I was talking about, I told her everything. Her only response was “oh, that’s my husband’s doing.” After trying to get some information out of her we were left with no choice but to leave. We decided to go get some lunch while waiting for her to give us the information we needed. After an hour of waiting on her I get this long message going on about how Hero wasn’t ready to be homed, and that she had no idea her husband was even homing him this weekend. She said she was very sorry we had to come all the way out there for nothing and that she would bring Hero to us herself when he was ready next weekend. So after about 2 hours of sitting in Cincinnati we left emptied handed. I was very disappointed and upset. But I was still excited that in a week he would be here, my Hero! Later that day the wife had sent us a message explaining everything and assured us we would have our dog by the weekend. Well as days passed both me and my mom sent them messages and called, and to no surprise, we got no responses. I sent them a message every day and called every now and then. Still, nothing. My mom figured there was something up so she started looking for other companies. Mom spent hours and made what seemed like hundreds of phone calls. She had a notebook with every name and number to every D.A.D. training company in the U.S. that she could find. She narrowed down our options (not all companies would service people out of their area) and sat me down to discuss the differences in companies. But inside of my heart I still had that tiny bit of hope that I would get Hero. After calling and texting about Hero for many days, I get a call saying I needed to stop texting this number because they didn’t know who I was and that didn’t have any service dogs. I was highly confused and told my mom. As the weekend got closer I began to lose hope. but my heart kept on believing in Hero. Saturday came and went and no Hero, no calls, no text messages. So with that, I finally gave up and starting paying attention to mom’s research.
So now we begin our journey in this difficult decision.


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