A Diabetic Alert Dog For Kayla

Kayla is fundraising to get her diabetic alert dog, this is her story.

The out come of a LONG day

on December 20, 2013


Today was quite busy! My morning started with a blood sugar of 214 before I ate a thing! That always happens on my off days, guess I do not burn as many carbs sleeping in. 😉 My mom and I went to the VFW post after breakfast to sign the contract for our spaghetti dinner. We decided to move the date to February to give us more time to get donations. From there we went to what seemed like every store in the surrounding 60 miles to give donation letters and explain our cause. Fortunately for us, everyone was very kind. Aspen Creek restaurant gave us a gift card for two meals right then and there! Everyone else had to submit the letter to corporate (this is why we moved our dinner date). Once we ran out of letters to give out we went to Hobby Lobby to get supplies for poster making. Time for the fun part! Mom and I made two posters and I think they look great. What do you think of our posters?! One is going to Kort Physical Therapy in Mt. Washington because they have an awesome manager and staff who really care about their community….thanks guys! The other poster will be used for other events. We had a very productive day, now I am going to sleep well, good night all.


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