A Diabetic Alert Dog For Kayla

Kayla is fundraising to get her diabetic alert dog, this is her story.



WOW. So I got a headache and was about to check my sugar and Stella walked over and laid her head on my lap. And when I reached for my meter she sat up and pawed me. When I checked my sugar it was high! Way to go Stella! Training should be a breeze for my girl.

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Stella behaving at physical therapy 😊

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My Cure ❤️


Here’s the blessing I’ve been praying for. My service dog Stella ❤️

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My dream came true today!!!

Stella is possibly the best blessing I’ve ever received. ❤️ she’s not fully trained, but she has stolen my heart. She will start her training as soon as next week. I’m blessed to be able to have her and form a bond while she’s in training and being paid off. I couldn’t have gotten such a blessing if it wasn’t for all the support and help I’ve gotten from everyone. And I couldn’t be more blessed. I’m beyond thankful for everything everyone’s done to make this possible. Fundraising is still needed to help pay for Stella but I was lucky enough to be able to take her home before all the fundraising is done and she is paid off. I can’t thank everyone enough. Thanks for all the help and support ❤️

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I decided to try something new. My inset is in my leg this time. 😳😬


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Being new to this whole diabetic thing I’ve been open to trying new things, not really having a choice in the matter. I’ve never been a tea person. Until I tried diet green tea. I think I found my new addiction! 😍❤️😋


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